Czech national team seeks heritage players for upcoming season


Vytvořeno: 06.02.2024 10:49

The Czech Rugby League Association (CZRLA) has issued a call to players with Czech eligibility as part of its drive to further the domestic development of the game.

After reviewing last season’s games, the Czech national team coaching staff have identified match experience as the missing ingredient when it comes to game management. Our senior men’s team, made up of highly committed home-grown players, is currently ranked 21st in the world but lacks the exposure to high-level rugby league needed to take the game to the next level.

CZRLA is therefore looking for experienced players from abroad to represent their mother country. The association firmly believes that having extra experience on the field of play will raise the standard of the entire squad in a way that coaching alone cannot achieve.

Do you play rugby league abroad and qualify to play for the Czech Republic, either as a Czech national or under International Rugby League’s Heritage rules? If so, please contact Czech national team manager Petr Sedina by email at or by phone/WhatsApp on +420 722 021 908.

We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with you to further develop Czech rugby league and achieve success on the international stage.

Three ways in which a player can be eligible to play for a nation at international level in rugby league:

  1. Where the player was born
  2. Where the player was resident for a period of five years immediately prior to selection.
  3. where the player has a parent or grandparent whose heritage permits them to play for a country other than where they were born or are resident.

IRL eligibility rules

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dne: 06.02.2024 10:49